March 25, 2009

Nili Lotan Bio

Looc has carried Nili Lotan since its opening in 2007. The line has been a staple and a very important factor in our aesthetic. This is her bio to get you a little obsessed and is taken straight from the website, (definitely worth checking out).

Since 1980, Nili Lotan has worked in New York in Senior Design Director positions at leading fashion companies including Nautica and Ralph Lauren. She has been the creative inspiration and conceptual leader for a diverse range of women's fashion. Prior to her arrival in the United States, she served for two years in the Israeli Air Force and graduated from Shenkar Fashion Institute in Tel Aviv, Israel. Nili Lotan's designs often combine industrial and utilitarian elements. They are clean and classic, cultivating a sensibility that is both, strong and feminine. Her varied life and professional experiences are the foundation for her unique creative approach.

Thank you, Nili, for being both, strong and feminine.

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