February 04, 2009

Wingspread for sale!

Speaking of my wedding, it has recently been brought to my attention that the home we rented on Nantucket for my wedding reception and where my bridesmaids and I stayed for the week, is for sale. I have mixed feelings about this, but have to share this news - this home is just too beautiful to not belong to someone.... special.

I always knew I wanted to get married on Nantucket. And when my family built a home there in 2002, it became for me a reality. There was one problem - our house had only a small back yard, mostly consisting of a brick patio, rosa rugosa, hydrangea and privet hedges - my mom likes to call it her secret garden - and this was no place to hold a 175 person wedding. With the help of my wedding planner, Nicole Wheldon, we searched and searched for the perfect venue. It came down to two different properties - Westcliff, in Dionis, and Wingspread, in Shawkemo. Location-wise, they were both ideal - on the water, with Westcliff overlooking the sound, and Wingspread, having views of town, the harbor, and Great Point, to the east. Westcliff had more of the old Nantucket feel I had always wanted - the nostalgia of what I knew Nantucket was before I had even been there. Here are some pics of Westcliff...

My mom always told us, me, the stories of going there when she was young - when all the men wore reds with Irish hand-knit sweaters and navy blue blazers for the cool, sea-breezy evenings and women in their Lilly Pulitzer and Jack Rogers - an image I will always keep in my mind, no matter how overplayed, or cliche it may be. After all, this was the place that my mom had attributed to her diet coke drinking and cigarette smoking, but I digress...

My decision, made of course with dear ol' Dad, was to go with Wingspread. And even though this home was newly built, a little over the top (it has a movie room in the basement), it was filled with nostalgia, with all sorts of love and care, seen only in the details. There were the plates of beach names up the back steps, Robert Gambee's old black and white photographs of Nantucket hung on the walls, a den filled with books about the island's history, and the best part - a feeling of family. This came to me as a surprise since there had only been a few renters before us, but there was truly some special thought put into this home during its construction.

And, now it is for sale for $8.5 million. Not bad. ;) Here are some pics...(sorry if they are scattered - still getting used to this whole thing!)


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Looking at this pictures takes me back. So sad to know it's on the market now.