April 09, 2009

Can't get enough - The Edge of Love

I went and saw The Edge of Love with Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley with a friend this past weekend. While somewhat slow at times, it does retrospectively makes sense given the poetic nature of the film (so stay with it). I really enjoyed the story fused with Dylan Thomas' love letters - telling of a life torn between his wife and childhood love - the two free-spirited women the movie really revolves around.

Their energy perfectly reflects the costumes worn throughout which are completely inspirational for Spring (actually for Fall, too). I love the follow up of these looks to the Liberty print pieces and Lyell post. How much do these flowery dresses and little wool sweaters worn with wellies remind you of the feeling of Spring Steven Alan and Lyell?? Not only does this movie make me want to move to a small cottage on the coast of Wales (Scotland or Ireland would do), but sort of makes me want to rock my Hunters a little more often. There is a silver lining to this gloomy New England weather. ;)

These first three shots are their London looks, but wanted to include them.

Here we go..

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