April 07, 2009

Lyell Spring 09

One of the beautiful new collections we have here at Looc is Lyell. Every time I look at these pieces, they not only remind me of our late, beloved Mayle, but more so, bring a special nostalgia to the store. While I could attempt to photograph them, the styling on Lyell's website captures the essence of the line so well, I am happy to use their pics instead. The ones I am sharing are the pieces we have in store so I will include prices and sizes.

Pixie Blouse in White $$550.
Sizes 2-10

Mike Dress in Black $605
Size 2-10

V-Backed Dress in Sand $485.
Sizes 2-10

Smocked Bathing Suit in Black $275
Sizes 2-10

Smocked Bathing Suit (Bottom left)
V-Backed Dress (Bottom right)

Fancy Collar Top in Black (shown in ivory) $275.
Sizes 2-10

Items not pictured but that are in store include:
All-in-One Underwear in Yellow Berry $365

Sizes 2-6
Floppy Shorts in Black $195.

Sizes 2-10 (sold out of size 4)

Below are some pictures of the Lyell store which is just about the most special store I have ever seen (aside from Looc ;)) And if you're in NYC, make sure to check it out!

173 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10012
store hours
Monday - Saturday 12-7
Sundays 12-6

(look at the V-Backed Dress hanging on the left in the window!!)

(and the Mike Dress looks so great in their rack!!)

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Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

your store looks charming - i will definitely check it out next time i'm in NYC.